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How Telangana Ilaka helps in Your Dream Wedding?

Telangana is to take your dream wedding and try to bring it to life by taking over the stress faced by the bridal couple and their families, and handling the logistics and detailing of each event in the wedding.

  • We involves in every element: Although some wedding planners are around only on the day of the wedding, but we are entrusted with every element starting from deciding the budget and helping the client realise how much they can do with their budget.
  • Finding suitable Vendor: Telangana Ilaka helps to finalize the Kalyana Mandapam or area where the wedding is to be held, catering, photography and decorations, by checking dates of availability of the vendors and seeing who is suitable for the client budget.
  • Keeps a Track of each Event:  Telangana Ilaka keeps a track of each event – be it the mehendi function, sangeet, muhurtam, or reception, and we make sure every person knows their role, and ensure that everything goes without a glitch.
  • Backup Plan: In case of last minute problems, Telangana Ilaka keep a tab of each vendor and make sure there is always a backup plan.
  • Service till last minute: Even after the bridal couple, the families, and guests have all left, Our Telangana Ilaka Team will be there to make sure that nothing is left behind and everything is wrapped up.
Hiring Telangana Ilaka wedding Plannner is really important?

Yes. So you can truly enjoy your wedding day! If you don’t have a planner everything is stuck in your head and people will be bothering you all day with questions. As a best wedding planner our goal is to deflect the interruptions away…away…away and deal with all of them expeditiously without drawing attention away from the festivities! also to ensure that the bride, groom and their parents are made to feel as guests at the events and not have a single interruption to their enjoyment of their wedding festivities. Generally there might be a few unexpected things in a wedding but with Telangana Ilaka, handling the unexpected is easier than expected. 

How to plan your dream wedding with telangana ilaka and that too within your budget?

Honestly, hiring a professional wedding planner is something couples always look back and wish they had done. Telanagana Ilaka can guide you stress free through your wedding day. So that parents can also attend the event , and can be a part of memorable event. Rather than just running around to arrange, getting self blamed and missing the event. Generally speaking a wedding planner is responsible for ensuring the wedding happens at the right place, at the correct time, with all the necessary people, to the exact detail according to the bride’s and groom’s dreams. Telangana Ilaka will help you to make your special day a dream come true and will give you assistance with every detail down to the color of your napkins to will help you connect to venues, photographers, caterers, etc. We helps couples plan, coordinate, and execute your wedding through our connections with networks of vendors. The point is to relieve the couples from at least some of the burdens of researching, evaluating, pricing and hiring of the venues and vendors, arranging for you to provide goods and services on schedule and within the agreed-on terms of our contracts, and minimizing personal drama and other worries for a couple who will be excited, nervous and distracted.

  • We are your best wedding friend: When your bridesmaids or family members don’t want to hear anything else about your wedding, Telangana Ilaka team is ready to listen.
  • We will help pull together your perfect Team: There are wonderful vendors at our fingertips. It’s a must to have a planner who understands your personality and preferences in making recommendations. We will help you to bring a perfect team and your team will be there to witness the most intimate moments on your wedding day.
  • Telangana Ilaka maintain “quality control”: From the time the planning begins, till the day of the wedding, we will accommodate the constant requests and changes and alter the plan accordingly. We have professionals, always well equipped and will have the bandwidth to handle and arrange for all the requests.
  • We here to do the following: We develop and manage your task list and budget, match you to your perfect venue, photographer, band, florist, pandit, vehicle, and more, design your tablescape and floor plan, assemble and send your invitations and track your replies, and arrange and oversee your transportation.
  • We make sure your day goes off without a hitch: Communicate: Call or Chat the photographers directly so that you can understand their work better and the packages they offer for the wedding photography.
  • Budget Saving: Every couple & their family want a extravagant wedding in their desired budget, so from Telangana Ilaka wedding planner, we provide the best quotes of your desire location, venue, caterers etc. because we have a huge list of vendors also we deal with them daily.
  • Avoid last minute Hustle & save time: Telangana Ilaka wedding planner tell you the practical and aesthetics virtualization of an event to avoid last minute hustle, also we helps you to cope up last minute emergencies if in case it arise.
  • Widen your horizon: We Provides right menu, hotels, various unique themes in all areas with vary budgets, to widen your horizons.
  • Stress free wedding: Lets go back to the memory lane in our parents wedding when relatives and friends arrived many days before to take care of all responsibilities, but now-a day’s relative & friends take wedding as their fun event only to enjoy, relax like a vacation, hiring Telangana Ilaka wedding planner you can make the wedding a memorable event for them, also you just sit, enjoy with them as well.
Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire Telangana Ilaka Wedding Planner?

There are many reasons why you should hire a Telangana Wedding Planner, 

  1. Telangana Ilaka can help with your budget constraints and legal contracts.
  2. Telangana Ilaka will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track.
  3.  Telangana Ilaka can keep things stress-free.
  4.  Telangana Ilaka can get you a vendor discount.
  5.  Telangana Ilaka can help you coordinate the entire day (as opposed to just one aspect).

How Does Telangana Ilaka Wedding Planner Help Me Save Money on My Wedding?

We can help save couples money with our vendor relationships, by working multiple wedding events in the same locations and surrounding areas, we get to know vendors and their service very well. Once we know a couple’s desired wedding budget, we are able to give them suggestions on the top vendors who will fit their budget.

What services does Telangana Ilaka provide for my wedding?

Here we are listing some important wedding services which are provided by Telangana Ilaka.

  1. Decor and design
  2. Destination and wedding hall selection
  3. Entertainment
  4. Transport Facility
  5. Food and beverages
  6. Vendor management and many more

How do I find the perfect wedding planner for my wedding?

  1. Meet and speak to the planner directly
  2. Utilize your resources
  3. Watch their previous projects
  4. Research their online presence
  5. Judge the experience level
  6. Calculate your suitability with them
  7. Ask great questions
  8. See what benefits they can put on the table for you
  9. Carefully read the contract

Wedding planning nothing but it requires a lots of coordination and managing different vendors. It is honestly a big task. Most likely many couples have a job and other commitment that will keep them busy. The Big Fat Wedding celebrations will get fatter only with time and so will be the expectations of guests, family and friends. So in such a scenario, one can ensure that their wedding takes place just the way they always wanted, by hiring a profesional wedding planner. It will relieve you from all the stress as we will serve you as your point person so that you only have to deal with one contact. And most importantly, we will look after each and every detail and will be there on your big day to make sure everything runs smoothly so you can be with your family and friends!

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